Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Protect Your Family With DDT!

So I don't know if this is a nation-wide effort, but I've recently been hearing radio commercials the likes of which I've never heard before.  They go something like this:
"Your lawn is supposed to be a safe place for your family.  Keep all those harmful bugs away from your loved ones by visiting Home Depot today to find out which pesticides will work best for you."
That's a paraphrase, obviously, but pesticides?  They're so 20th century.  Haven't we learned enough about the circle of life to know that pesticides are bad, and if you live somewhere like Houston, you really shouldn't complain when your lawn is crawling with local wildlife?

I guess I shouldn't talk, really.  My apartment building sprays bi-weekly for bugs. 


  1. Bi-weekly?

    You'll be sprouting a thrid eye and some teeth out of neck fairly soon.

    From what I understand, sterotypically speaking, lawn culture is to Texas as car culture is to Southern California.

  2. They assured me that it's pet- and person-friendly, but I don't see how something that can kill COCKROACHES will not harm my IBS-afflicted kitty.