Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Texan Quotation of the Day

Here's an unfortunate conversation I was adjacent to the other day:

Texan: "We need to ship all these Mexicans up to Kan' City to help with contruction up there."
Me: [Giving him a look.]
Texan: [Sarcastically.] "Oh, we're not racial here at all."
Let me just point out one thing, which I didn't bother to point out at the time because the Texan was drinking.  According to dictionary.com, the definition of racial is "of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one race or the races of humankind."  I think the word this person was looking for was racist, and I'd to say "we" definitely are.


  1. Technically it's not as racist in-as-much as it makes a comment in reference in regards to a race. I mean, it was derogatory... Just sayin', as the token Mexican blog guy...

  2. Well, token Mexican blog guy, he might not have been out-and-out racist, but he DEFINITELY wasn't racial haha