Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That's MISS Lindsay-with-an-A to You!

I think this may be more of "Southern" thing than a "Texan" thing (and I'm slowly beginning to learn the difference between the two), but I have recently met several people who address others as "Mr. [insert first name]" or "Miss [insert first name]."  The explanation is that calling someone "Mr. [insert last name]" seems too formal, but calling someone simply "[insert first name]" is too familiar.  There is therefore the happy meeting ground of a title with the first name, especially on the part of children when addressing adults.

Every time I hear it, though, I think of Driving Miss Daisy, which is about the only place this California-Coloradoan has ever heard of such a thing.


  1. I like the idea of showing a level of respect without going overboard. You can call me Miss Mom from now on.

  2. It would serve you right if I did call you that haha

  3. I want my grand kids to call me Miss Patty.