Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to Texas

When I first found out my company was transferring me to Houston, Texas, two things popped into my head almost simultaneously: George W. Bush and electrocutions.  Coming from California and Colorado (which went blue in the last election), Texas seemed like a strange and foreign land of right-wing politics and uber-conservative Christians.

Upon arriving in the state two days ago, those first impressions may have faded slightly, but the culture shock will probably be wearing on me for quite some time.  This blog, Stranger in an Even Stranger Land, will track this liberal agnostic's adventures in the Lone Star State.

I think I need a drink.


  1. Miss you already :( Maybe you should call me & we'll share a drink over the phone, at least you wouldn't be drinking alone :) Love you! <3

  2. Didn't Colorado just pass a law that lets people bring guns into bars? If the right to mix guns and alcohol isn't a sign of a red state, I don't know what is.

  3. lplzydeco: Oh, I'm not drinking alone. EVERYONE'S drinking down here!!

    Daniele: I didn't hear about that, but I close my ears to most things I don't want to hear about. :)

  4. If you become an alcoholic, I WILL kick your ass.

  5. But, Chris, all the cool kids are doing it!!!

    And I wouldn't worry. These Texans can all out-drink me, DESPITE coming from a mile high.

  6. Lindsay-with-an-A, in case no one has done it yet, welcome to Texas :) I don't envy you at all living in Houston, but there's a lot more to this magical place than you'd ever imagine if you just went by its "reputation." I've lived a lot of places and found it's all what you make of it. It's always good to be able to laugh at the ridiculous but you seem a bit to be on the lookout for those preconceived images you've been given, I hope it doesn't hinder you in finding out what's so great about it (again, I don't envy you living in Houston though LOL!) Godspeed and loads of apples.

    Incidentally, our mutual friend at Shredded Cheddar pointed me here :)

  7. Thanks, cyurkanin! To be honest, this blog was borne of the culture shock I went through when I first arrived--it seemed like at least two or three times a day, something would happen that would cause an instant WTF response, and rather than calling home to complain about it, I decided to blog about it instead.

    And I'm not lying when I say that I knew absolutely NOTHING about Texas (other than the fact that the Bushes cames from here and it has a high rate of capital punishment) when I moved here, so everything is a bit of a surprise rather than a preconceived notion. Maybe the things here are stereotypical in their ways, but they're also the only things that are standing out to me at this point. Of course, it's only been three weeks, so it's early yet. :)