Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're Not in California Anymore: Weird Laws

Apparently Texas blue laws (laws meant to "regulate commercial business on Sundays") forbid the sales of anything meant to do work on Sundays all the way up to the 1980s:
"Until 1985, Texas retail stores were forbidden to sell items that performed work on Sundays. The distinction was peculiar. For example, nails could be sold, but not hammers, since it was deemed that the hammer performed the work. This portion of the blue laws was challenged by Handy Dan Hardware in 1984 and repealed the following year." (From the ever-reliable Wikipedia.  Boy, am I glad I'm not in school anymore and can quote the people's encyclopedia.)


  1. If I remember correctly, I think even CO had their own Blue Laws up until fairly recently.

  2. Oh, yeah, about sale of alcohol on Sundays. I think it went away while I was living there. You still can't buy regular beer in grocery stores, though, which is annoying to this former-Californian.

    But a hammer? Come on...

  3. I know you weren't in Lompoc for the elementary school segment on town history, but our CA town was founded as a temperance colony. It was illegal to buy or sell alcohol within the city limits until the 60's (granted I don't think they realized it was on the books until t then). Also, it's still illegal to own a rooster within the city limits as it falls under "disturbing the peace." I just felt like pointing out that you find weird laws everywhere. I will grant you that some are more inconvenient than others, but then, I never really wanted a rooster.

  4. I get not selling alcohol (although the phrase "It's a free country" sounds a little hollow if that's the case), but a HAMMER?

    And it's too bad Vandenberg Village isn't within Lompoc city limits. One of our neighbors had a rooster all through my high school years and it made me hate my life at 5:45 in the am.

    But point taken. Weird laws are everywhere. :)