Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Special" People of Texas

I finally decided this week to get my Texas driver's license--I generally put this kind of thing off until the last possible moment due to my overwhelming hatred of standing in line at the DMV.  Truth be told, I lived in Colorado for more than two years and never bothered to get rid of my California driver's license.

Two things have convinced me to "upgrade" my license, however: 1) the raised eyebrows I get at bars and would probably get from a cop if I were to be pulled over, and 2) the comment I got from the Department of Homeland Security employee the last time I traveled by air.  ("You are going to update this soon, right?"  "Yes, I am.  Please don't strip search me.")

My point, however, is this: take a look at the advertisement they have on the back of the Texas Driver's Manual.  Does anyone else automatically read the first sentence in a very sarcastic inner voice?